Château Vartely Origin

According to encyclopedic data the name of the one of the oldest Moldovan towns, Orhei originates from the Hungarian “Var-hely”, which mean “the castle place”. These words were brought to Moldova by the Walachians, who came here from Western Carpathians.

We Believe In Wine That Tastes Incredible

“Château Vartely” is a wine making company located in the vicinity of Orhei town. We continue to use our rich national traditions of wine growing and creation of “gods’ favorite drink ” – the wine.

We are certified under international standards of ISO 22000:2005 and НАССР (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

Château Vartely Taraboste

Brief about the company

The company “Château Vartely” is a modern enterprise, producer of high-quality wines from the best European grape varieties, supervising process from vineyards to bottling with application of the best “know-how” on the highest world standards.

 The area of Château Vartely vineyards is 250 hectares, from which 150 hectares are located in Central zone (Jora de Sus) and 100 hectares in the Southern zone (Bugeac).

 Château Vartely winery is operating with newest processing, storage and wine bottling equipment of leading German and Italian manufacturers, allowing to process during a harvesting time and to store 500 000 decalitres.

We sale our wines worldwide, and our export destinations include Germany, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Lithuania, Japan, China, USA etc.

Philosophy of our company

“Always the best wine, from Moldova with love, for you and your beloved ones”.

Who we are

Austine and Partners Group of Companies is an established company with diverse interests.

We have built a reputation based on trust, dedication, and quality. What defines and differentiates us from other distribution companies is our focus on SERVICE and WIN-WIN situations.

Château Vartely premium wines are solely imported by Austine & Partners and marketed and distributed by Mecsonpaul Ltd.